Personal Stories

The following are books (autobiographies etc) or stories of Veteran Communicators, copies of which are held in the Museum Library.

Training the RNZN

A Hammock in a Gunboat
Leading Telegraphist D.W. White

A Handful of Rice
William (Bill) Guy

The only time that SUCCESS come before WORK is in the DICTIONARY
Mike Ford

Look back in langour
Eric Norman (Ned) Davies

The Ramblings of a Matelot
Reginald Harold Fricker

My Life and Times
Ted Palfrey

The Reminiscences of a 92 year old Normandy Veteren
Freddie Homard

HMS Mercury Postmistress retires

Extract from Spark Transmitters and Crystal Set Receivers to Satellite and The Web
Ex CPO Tel Duncan McInnes

The memoires of Peter C Brown's life as a Communicator in the RN

My Navy Years by Fred Harder

A Naval Lament by Phil Worthington

Wat Tyler's Suitcase
by Ken Sutton

My Second Career
by Godfrey Dykes

The role of Lord Mountbatten's Coffin Bearers
by Godfrey Dykes

A Memorial to Lt Cdr Ian Molyneux
by Godfrey Dykes

Signalman Stanley Longster

CRS Dennis Robert Williams

One day in the Royal Calendar
Godfrey Dykes speaking on the television documentary broadcasted Summer 2019, called Charles and Diana - The truth behind their wedding 29th July 1981