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1. Click on the map to open it. Point to the map with your mouse. Hold down the left hand button and then drag the map to the position required i.e., junction 11 on the M27. Click on the + sign to enlarge if necessary.

2. After leaving Jct 11, travel along the A27 which leads into Eastern Way.

3. STAY on the top road [two lanes to your right] and in the left hand lane heading towards Gosport A32: do not go down the slip road on the far left into Fareham proper. Some little way ahead, traffic merges from the left either joining your lane or going up a slip road to transit on top of the bridge.

4. Pass under the bridge heading towards Gosport A32 and once under, get into the right hand lane.

5. You will come to a roundabout. Stay in the right hand lane and continue ahead .

6. You will pass through pedestrian controlled traffic lights (be aware of the speed camera here) and shortly afterwards there is a junction. Traffic in the left hand lane continues on to Gosport A32, and traffic in the right hand lane [that is you] enters Newgate Lane on the B3385. You will cross over a bridge. Stay over to your right at the first roundabout, continue ahead. At the second roundabout, stay in the right hand lane and continue ahead [second exit] then filter right at the next set of lights which appears to you almost immediately, so be on your guard! When given the GO you will turn right into the approach road for HMS Collingwood.

7. Follow the approach road , as the Main Gate Barrier comes into view move into the left hand lane marked Visitors and proceed round the back of the guard house to a small car park, where you will be met by your host.